Student Body Association

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We are Hiring! (CLOSED)

SBA is currently hiring Student Representatives. This is a great opportunity for you to build bridge with other staff, faculty and students, by serving on school committees. Student Representatives will be paid during fall,...

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50th Anniversary of Shoreline Community College

We invite you to celebrate SCC’s 50th Anniversary in Welcome Week 2014! The first week of Fall Quarter is devoted to helping you begin your Shoreline experience right. Join us for different events, workshops,...

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Did the Price of Quarterly Parking Passes Go Up?

Yes, and the answer why is a little complicated Some fees are set by the college administration and some are set by Student Government. The college sets the parking-pass rates. In addition, students voted...

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You have rights to complain!

Do you have a concern about the grade you received in a class? Do you feel you’ve been mistreated or discriminated against? Accepting student concerns is one of the many important and essential duties...

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#GoPhins !!

Shoreline Community College’s Athletics is starting their new season! Check out their schedule here and don’t forget to come and cheer!

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Shoreline Athletics’ New Logo

Shoreline Community College’s Athletics will embrace the new academic year 2014-2015 with a new mascot logo!  Read more on how and by whom this logo was designed in the Shoreline Sports News.