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Student Parliament Name Change

On May 5th 2015, majority of voters from SCC Student Body has voted the name change for Student Government from Parliament to Associated Student Government (ASG). This name change reflects the regional standard for the titles of Student Government across Washington State. Not just the titles for Student Government, the student body have a new name as well. Formerly known as Student Body Association, the title is now changed into Associated Students of Shoreline Community College (AS-SCC). In addition to that, here is how the job titles change: Old Title New Title President ASG President Prime Minister ASG Vice President...

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2015 – 2016 Election Results are Here!!

Your 2015 – 2016 Associated Student Government President! ASHLEY COWAN   Your 2015 – 2016 Associated Student Government RSO Officer! WINSTON LEE   Your 2015 – 2016 Associated Student Government Communications Officer! CHRONOS CHOW Not to mention, click HERE for direct link to our NEW Associated Students of Shoreline Community College (AS-SCC) Constitution!

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Our Students Get Microsoft Office For Free

Do you understand the term “cloud computing?” Or phrases like “just save it to the cloud”. Sound abstract and complicated? Well it’s not! Technology is moving fast and the way in which we save and work with our data is definitely changing. The days of needing a jump or thumb drives, CD’s or attaching a document to your email are limited. Think of the cloud as someplace that not only can you save your data, you can launch office programs in the cloud, work on a document and then it is always there. It is a server “in the sky”...

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You have Rights to Complain!

Do you have a concern about the grade you received in a class? Do you feel you’ve been mistreated or discriminated against? Accepting student concerns is one of the many important and essential duties of student government. The Minister of Advocacy and Social Justice can act as your representative in figuring out these issues and act as your liaison with campus faculty and administration. If you have a complaint please contact the SBA Minister of Advocacy and Social Justice to set up an appointment. Take a look at the Student Concern’s page for a better idea of what to come...

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Student Government is Hiring! (closed)

We Are Hiring!!! 10 Available Positions Open Now!! The Student Leadership Center is hiring student government members for the 2015-2016 school year! This is a great opportunity to work on campus, meet new people, and get leadership experience. The positions work up 17 hours per week and the pay is $11.11 per hour. Three of these positions are elected and the other seven will be selected by hiring committees. Students may apply for up to three positions each (up to two hired positions and/or one elected position). Check out the attached flyer for more information. How to apply: 1.Go to...