50 Years Anniversary of Shoreline Community College

We invite you to celebrate SCC’s 50th Anniversary in Welcome Week 2014! The first week of Fall Quarter is devoted to helping you begin your Shoreline experience right. Join us for different events, workshops, and activities throughout the week, and don’t forget the FREE BBQ party during New Student Welcome! Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Sept 23rd 2014: NEW STUDENT WELCOME

9:30 AM: Welcome
9:50 AM: Safety & Security
10:15 AM: Campus Tour
11:30 AM: BBQ
1:45 PM: Speakers
2:30 PM: Canvas & Email
3 PM: Academic Workshop
4 PM: Resource Fair

Wednesday, Sept 24th 2014

12:30 PM: Lunch in the Courtyard!
1:30 PM: Workshop Veteran Programs
1:30 PM: Workshop Athletics
2:30 PM: Workshop SLC – Campus Involvement, 99 Problems – Don’t Let College Be One
6 PM: Pep-Rally & Volleyball Game

Thursday, Sept 25th 2014

12:30 PM: Food Trucks in the Courtyard!
1:30 PM: Workshop Office of Special Services
2:30 PM: Workshop Center of Equity and Engagement

Friday, Sept 26th 2914

1:30 PM: Workshop International Education, Study Abroad
2:30 PM: Workshop Safety and Security
6 PM – 8 PM: 50th Anniversary Open House & Jazz in the Garden

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