About Us

Student Body Association

sba.jpgThe Student Body Association (SBA) strives to provide equitable representation in order to meet the needs and well being of all students as well as the college community. The SBA is dedicated to create opportunities for student leadership that will support multicultural awareness and social justice by creating access that will foster inclusivity through student engagement. The overall mission of SBA is to affirm the Shoreline Community College Mission Statement and Strategic Plan by implementing policies that coincide with the College’s core themes.

About Student Parliament

The Parliament is composed of ten paid representatives, all of whom are elected or hired during Spring Quarter. Each have specific responsibilities outlined in the Student Body Association Constitution. The parliament manages the Student Services and Activities Fee Budget (including funding clubs and organizations), the Student Technology Fee Budget, and the PUB Renovation Fee Budget. The parliament also provides recognition of new student clubs and organizations, and serves as a forum for student issues and concerns. Responsibilities of the parliament, including the structure of standing committees on Budget and Finance, Constitution and Bylaws, and Communications are outlined in the Student Body Association Constitution and Bylaws, available in the on the Documents page.

About Student Representatives

Student Representatives is an extension of the Student Parliament. There are a total of 7 Student Representatives hired during Spring Quarter. Their responsibilities including sitting on committees and bringing various student perspectives and voices at the College Governance and Advisory Committees are outlined in the Student Body Association Constitution and Bylaws available on the Documents page.

About Arts & Entertainment Board

AnEThe Arts and Entertainment Board (A&E) specializes in developing and supporting student-initiated and funded programming of events and activities. We also coordinate our co-curricular and extracurricular activities in conjunction with class topics and other campus events/activities. These activities provide opportunities to participate in social, cultural, recreational, and educational experiences outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to join organizations on campus in the belief that this participation can build lasting friendships, provide unique educational opportunities, and establish support systems of peers, faculty, and staff advisors.

About Student Leadership Center

SLCThe Student Leadership Center promotes adult development, student success, and cultural diversity on campus, and assists in recruitment, retention, and development of a spirit of community on campus. Student Activities are organized to create an atmosphere for self-directed learning and an opportunity for encountering diverse cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. Emphasis is on program variety and service to diverse populations. Programs are organized in response to student interest, allowing the staff to assess and respond quickly to the emerging student needs and interests.