Student Parliament

Get To Know Your Student Parliament

The Student Body Association Parliament is composed of ten paid representatives, all of whom are hired or elected during Spring quarter. Each position has specific responsibilities outlined in the Student Body Association Constitution and Bylaws. The Parliament manages the Student Services and Activities (SS&A) Fee budget (which funds RSOs, organizations, and programs), the Student Technology Fee budget, the Sustainable Commuter Option Fee (SCOF) budget, and the PUB Renovation Fee Budget. New clubs and organizations are approved through Parliament, and meetings serve as a forum for student issues and concerns. Other responsibilities of the Parliament are outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws, available on the Documents page or in the Student Leadership Center (Room 9301).

Members of Parliament

3 4 copy
Ashley Cowan, President Stephanie Olsen, Prime Minister
konstantin1_100914 8
Konstantin Grinev, Minister of Treasury Heather Ellis, Minister of Finance
7 5
Aicha Diallo, Minister of Advocacy & Social Justice Ashraf Faraj, Minister of Government
2 1
Victor Mach, Minister of Constitutional Affairs Joshua Abrahamson, Minister of Student Engagement
10 9
Liangqiu Wan, Minister of Communication Kristia Handojo, Minister of Records

2013-2014 Parliament Members
2012-2013 Parliament Members