Arts and Entertainment

Get To Know Your Arts & Entertainment Board

The Arts and Entertainment Board (A&E) specializes in developing and supporting student-initiated and funded programming of events and activities. We also coordinate our co-curricular and extracurricular activities in conjunction with class topics and other campus events/activities. These activities provide opportunities to participate in social, cultural, recreational, and educational experiences outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to join organizations on campus in the belief that this participation can build lasting friendships, provide unique educational opportunities, and establish support systems of peers, faculty, and staff advisors.

The A&E board consists of Graphic Artists, Media Technicians, and Event Coordinators who produce events and provide support for all of the clubs and organizations on campus. Graphic artists offer printed media such as posters, fliers, and brochures, as well as digital media with DSS slides on PUB TV screens. Media Technicians provide audio and visual technical assistance for all events held in the PUB and other campus areas. They have a large catalog of equipment available and extensive knowledge of audio/visual support. Event coordinators provide general event logistics. Besides coordinating A&E events, they help clubs reserve rooms, submit events on ECHO, and coordinate with graphic artists and media technicians.

Members of A&E Board