How to Start a Recognized Student Organization

Why Get Involved?

Student organizations are a network of support for students’ academic and personal success. Students who establish connections with other campus community members are more likely to persist and succeed.

Steps to Start a Recognized Student Organization

  1. Identify ten or more SCC students as members of the student organization and a Faculty or Staff member to be the student organization advisor. Determine the student organization name, purpose and three officers (Informational Officer, Financial Officer and Webmaster).
  2. Contact the Minister of Constitutional Affairs (MOCA) to register the student organization on the ECHO directory. Once your student organization is on the ECHO directory, make sure that all members are in the student organization’s roster by joining the organization’s ECHO webpage.
  3. The three officers and the student organization advisor must complete the How to Register a Student Organization form on ECHO under Student Leadership Center forms.
  4. For advisors higher than the Resource level, the Financial Officer could petition for a Mini Grant to the Minister of Finance (MOF).
  5. Create a student organization constitution. Consult with the Minister of Constitutional Affairs (MOCA) for assistance. The student organization will make revision on the student organization constitution as requested by the MOCA.
  6. Revised constitution will go through Parliament Meeting approval, in which the student organization must present the organization’s purpose.
  7. Student organization members shall develop plan for activities and discuss goals. Also, meet with Lisa Smith, Office Assistant III for Student Organizations & Programs, to go over relevant college and state requirements and spending guidelines.
  8. The new student organization will be assigned a budget number and receive a baseline allocation of funds. New student organization must fill out two mini-grant applications; one for the student organization budget baseline, and one for the student organization advisor stipend agreement. Both will be submitted to the Minister of Finance (MOF), who will process and review both mini-grants. Once approved by the MOF, the mini-grant proposals will be forwarded to the SBA Parliament for approval. If needed, a Supplemental Budget Request may be submitted to the Parliament to request additional funds.

All forms are available on the Student Leadership Center‘s ECHO page.

Reactivating a Student Organization

For reactivating student organization, re-register the student organization from the ECHO directory, revise the previous constitution, and identify or maintain 10 members and request mini grants on ECHO. These will be reviewed by the MOCA and MOF in order for the student organization to be reactivated. For more information, contact Minister of Student Engagement.

Student Organization Member Expectations & Responsibilities

Your student organization is uniquely yours! Gain the benefits and share the responsibility for its success. As a member you are expected to:
• Attend meetings and participate in activities.
• Volunteer to help with events.
• Promote the student organization’s goals as stated in the student organization constitution or the organization’s purpose.
• Invite campus community members to activities.
• Welcome and respect involvement from all SCC student populations.
• Follow procedures and guidelines in the Student Activities Manual.
• Follow the guidelines for student behavior in SCC Policy 5030: Student Conduct and Discipline.
In addition, student organization officers represent their members at training sessions and meetings. They also lead by coordinating the efforts of members to transform ideas into action.
Feel free to develop your own list of members and officer expectations to better fit your organization’s goals. For assistance, meet with your advisor or contact the Student Leadership Center.

Student Leadership Contact:
Lisa Smith : 206.546.5862 |
Minister of Constitutional Affairs : 206.546.4654 |
Minister of Student Engagement : 206.546.4654 |
PUB 9301