About the Arts & Entertainment Board

The Arts and Entertainment Board (A&E) specializes in developing and supporting student-initiated and funded programming of events and activities. The A&E Board is comprised of seven student employees. Our Event Coordinators plan and publicize campus events such as quarterly Welcome Week activities, the Annual Talent Show, and SunFest. The Media Techs staff Student Life and club events and provide any needed technical support. Our Graphic Designers design, print, and prep marketing content for clubs and events. 

A&E Services

The Arts & Entertainment Board provides FREE graphic design and media tech services to all clubs and S&A-funded programs! Clubs  and programs can request services by submitting online request forms at least two weeks in advance. Student Life also has a popcorn machine that clubs and programs can reserve via a request form. 

Getting to Know the A&E Staff


Ángel de Jesus Gonzalez, M.A., Assistant Director of Student Life

Born and raised in Southern California, Ángel de Jesus González is a proud first generation, pansexual, latinx  student affairs professional. Originally from Bell Gardens, CA, he completed his undergraduate career at Whittier College double majoring in Environmental Science and Spanish. It is at Whittier College where Ángel discovered his vocation of working with students and decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Post-secondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs at San Diego State University. Ángel has worked as a Study Abroad Advisor, Graduate Assistant at Whittier College, and most recently served as a Resident Director at Pacific Lutheran University.  As a Resident Director, Ángel supervised 2 residence halls overseeing a first generation college student community and a social justice themed community. He also served as an advisor to multiple hall councils and PLU's latinx student organization. He is extremely excited to join the Shoreline Community and foster a space that will help him and his students grow. He looks forward to supporting his students and advocating for equity and social justice. In his downtime, Ángel likes to explore, travel, dance and eat with his partner. He looks forward to challenging and supporting his students as they find their passion and purpose.


Contact: agonzalez@shoreline.edu

Asher Koch, Graphic Designer

Contact: SLCGraphicDesigner@shoreline.edu

Sonja Bodi Bujisic, Graphic Designer

Contact: SLCGraphicDesigner2@shoreline.edu

Azeb Tuji, Event Coordinator

Contact: SLCEvents1@shoreline.edu

Nam Pham, Event Coordinator

Contact: SLCEvents2@shoreline.edu

Jeremy Kim, Media Technician

My name is Jeremy Kim, I am a media tech for the A&E. I'm studying audio engineering and I am an R/C guru!!!

Contact: SLCMediaTech1@shoreline.edu

Silu (Lulu) Zheng, Media Technician

Hi, everyone! My name is Silu Zheng, or you can just call me Lulu. I am from south of China. I’m so glad that I can served as a Media Technician for 2016-2017 year in Shoreline Community College. I will post lots of amazing posters on the Student Leadership Center Board around campus almost every workday and help to deal with media stuff during events. I intend to major in accounting and I plan on transferring to 4-years university after next spring quarter. I know it is kind of funny that I am a media technician when I want to major in accounting. Although these two things do not have even a little bit connection, I am just really interesting about media stuff and can’t wait to learn more about it. By the way, I am a lazy person and I do not like sport that much, so I love listening music and watching movies in my small but warm room.
This is my first job here and I will try my best to help you guys.


Contact: SLCMediaTech2@shoreline.edu

Mason McGuerry, Media Technician

I am currently working on my Digital Audio Engineering degree here at Shoreline Community College. During the course of my learning through the audio program I have gained a lot of knowledge, due to the great experience and expertise of the faculty.

I plan on taking the degree and working as an artist recording, mixing and possibly mastering engineer; and a producer and composer for game and film music score and sound design.

I enjoy all kinds of music from classical to funk.  I like hiking, camping, jamming, board games, books, films, TV shows and any activity that can further my life and that of those around me.

I plan on colonizing the planet mars and then moving onto the other terra formable planets of our lovable solar system at some point in the next 1,000 years.

Contact: SLCMediaTech4@shoreline.edu

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