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A litle more about us

Our Purpose

Welcome to Shoreline Community College's Pre-Medical Sciences Website. The purpose of the Pre-Medical Sciences Club is to provide its members and the Shoreline community with current information about the health sciences. Its also a place where students and faculty with common interests can discuss the latest issues affecting the health sciences community. We serve out this purpose by providing our members with educational events and activities, as well as outreach experience. This includes: Guest speakers, Fieldtrips, Scholarship Information, and information on how you can give back to the community by volunteer work and service learning. We invite you to come join us  

Meeting Place and Times 

Fall Quarter 2015 

We meet every Friday from 3:00 - 5:00 PM

For more Informations

Club President 2015-16
Sophie Morse
Email: sophie.morse@go.shoreline.edu

Club Vice President 2015-16
Colleen Jamieson
Email: colleen.jamieson@go.shoreline.edu

Advisor: Leoned Gines
Email: lgines@shoreline.edu

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