All-Gender Restrooms

About All-Gender Restrooms

For many, the idea that a regular public restroom can be a source of constant stress and even a place of danger is almost unheard of. But for some, it is common knowledge. Discrimination on the basis of gender presentation has been an ongoing problem in public restrooms across the nation. Despite existing protections on the basis of gender identity, transgender and gender nonconforming people often experience harassment, intimidation, refusal of access, and in some cases, violence when trying to use public restrooms and other gender-specific facilities consistent with their gender identities. These experiences sometimes lead to significant health problems from having to avoid using public restrooms. Several states and counties have recently worked to create solutions that will ensure the safety and security of all people when using public facilities; now, it’s Shoreline’s turn. 

Starting Winter Quarter 2017, Shoreline Community College will be implementing four, multiple-stall all-gender restrooms, in three different locations on-campus. The campus will continue to have many restrooms separated by gender, and also has multiple single-stall restrooms available.

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