Mini-Grant Application Process Summary

Step 1: Download and Complete Application Form
You must complete Mini-Grant Request form (Updated Mini-Grant Application 2018) in order for student government to process your request. All applications must be typed and requests must comply with the Killian Outline (permissible uses of student funds).

Step 2: Submit your Application
Send your completed application form to the ASG Budget and Finance Officer by emailing it to If you have any additional attachments (quotes from vendors, etc.) be sure to include them as well. Applications are due at least one week in advance (see the 2017-2018 meeting schedule and mini-grant deadlines). 

Step 3: Initial Review
Once you’ve submitted your Mini-Grant Application form you will receive confirmation that the ASG Board has received it. Your application will be reviewed and if any changes are needed you will receive an email listing all required edits. You will then have 48 hours to resubmit your edited application.

Step 4: ASG Board Meeting Presentation

The ASG Budget and Finance Officer will add your request to the agenda for an upcoming ASG Board Meeting and will send you the date, time, and location for the meeting. At least one representative of your club/program will need to attend the meeting to present your request and answer any questions that the ASG officers have. The board will then vote to approve, partially approve, or disapprove your request.

Step 5: Using Mini-Grant Funds

All approved mini-grant funds will be transferred to your normal club/program budget number. Keep in mind that all normal approval paperwork will still be required for any purchases so prepare to submit paperwork as soon as possible after your request is approved. Since there is no guarantee that mini-grant applications will be approved you will not be able to submit paperwork or place any orders until after the ASG Board Meeting. Be sure to allow plenty of time for completing paperwork between the ASG meeting and your event/project end date. 


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