Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Board

Arts & Entertainment Board Mission

The Arts and Entertainment board supports our diverse students’ programming needs through community building, various arts medium, educational experiences, and leadership opportunities.

About the Arts & Entertainment Board

The Arts and Entertainment board support dynamic programs throughout the academic year. They help coordinate Welcome Weeks, the Annual Talent Show, our extensive social justice program Margin-to-Center, and of course SunFest. Our graphic designers and media techs are here to support the needs of S&A funded programs and clubs and organizations.

A&E Services

The A&E Board provides FREE graphic design and media tech services to all clubs and S&A-funded programs! Clubs  and programs can request services by submitting online request forms at least two weeks in advance. Media Techs staff events and provide technical support. Our Graphic Designers design, print, and prep marketing content for clubs and events.

Program Manager, Jose Vazquez

Event Coordinator, Michael Komala

Event Coordinator, Nabeela Fatima

Event Coordinator, Eberth Arias

Graphic Designer, Ibbie Osman

Graphic Designer, Duy Ngo

Media Tech, Adeline Sugeng

Media Tech, Wayne Liu

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