Student Life

Student Life promotes adult development, student success, and cultural diversity on campus, and assists in recruitment, retention, and development of a spirit of community on campus. Student Activities are organized to create an atmosphere for self-directed learning and an opportunity for encountering diverse cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. Emphasis is on program variety and service to diverse populations. Programs are organized in response to student interest, allowing the staff to assess and respond quickly to the emerging student needs and interests.







Getting to Know the Student Life Staff


Rezina Habtemariam, Director of Student Life




Ángel de Jesus Gonzalez, M.A., Assistant Director of Student Life

Born and raised in Southern California, Ángel de Jesus González is a proud first generation, pansexual, latinx  student affairs professional. Originally from Bell Gardens, CA, he completed his undergraduate career at Whittier College double majoring in Environmental Science and Spanish. It is at Whittier College where Ángel discovered his vocation of working with students and decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Post-secondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs at San Diego State University. Ángel has worked as a Study Abroad Advisor, Graduate Assistant at Whittier College, and most recently served as a Resident Director at Pacific Lutheran University.  As a Resident Director, Ángel supervised 2 residence halls overseeing a first generation college student community and a social justice themed community. He also served as an advisor to multiple hall councils and PLU's latinx student organization. He is extremely excited to join the Shoreline Community and foster a space that will help him and his students grow. He looks forward to supporting his students and advocating for equity and social justice. In his downtime, Ángel likes to explore, travel, dance and eat with his partner. He looks forward to challenging and supporting his students as they find their passion and purpose.



Micaela Smith, Program Support Supervisor

My name is Micaela (or Caela) and I’m the Program Support Supervisor for the Student Leadership Center. I help supervise student government and also help provide training and support for our clubs. I started out as a student at SCC a few years ago and was the Minister of Social Justice in student government for the 2010-2011 school year. After graduating I stayed on campus for two years as the AmeriCorps HEROES Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator. Over the past couple of years I’ve worked in a few positions on campus and I’m thrilled to be back with the Student Leadership Center. I love working with students so feel free to call, email, or stop by with any questions or to learn about ways to get involved on campus!

Phone: (206) 546-6908


Office: (206) 546-6908


Lisa Smith, Program Assistant

Hello there, my name is Lisa Smith and I am the Secretary in the Student Leadership Center. My job is to support and provide our amazing student leaders, staff members and student organizations with student programs and activities. It is my absolute pleasure and honor to observe our students grow with excitement, enthusiasm, and a passion for life through the co/curricular experience. I often forget how old I am, because they keep me young in spirit! I love animals, enjoy music, walking, film, reading, and eating out.



asg logo-03Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is composed of ten paid representatives, all of whom are hired or elected during Spring quarter. Each position has specific responsibilities outlined in the Student Body Association Constitution and Bylaws. The Associated Student Government manages the Student Services and Activities (SS&A) Fee budget (which funds RSOs, organizations, and programs), the Student Technology Fee budget, the Sustainable Commuter Option Fee (SCOF) budget, and the PUB Renovation Fee Budget. New clubs and organizations are approved through Parliament, and meetings serve as a forum for student issues and concerns. Other responsibilities of the ASG are outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws, available on the Documents page or in the Student Leadership Center (Room 9301).

Getting to know your ASG Board 

The Associated Student Government  is composed of ten paid representatives, all of whom are hired or elected during Spring quarter. Each position has specific responsibilities outlined in the Associated Student Government Constitution (ASG) and Bylaws. The ASG Board manages the Student Services and Activities (SS&A) Fee budget (which funds RSOs, organizations, and programs), the Student Technology Fee budget, the Sustainable Commuter Option Fee (SCOF) budget, and the PUB Renovation Fee Budget. New clubs and organizations are approved through ASG, and meetings serve as a forum for student issues and concerns. Other responsibilities of the ASG are outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws, available under the ASG tab page or in the Student Leadership Center (Room 9301).


Associated Student Government President, Winston Lee 

Dear Students and Colleagues,

I joined the ASG two years ago as an Office Assistant to Student Life with the passion that I would do some good for this campus. A year after that students entrusted me by electing me to the position of Club Affairs Officer, believing that I could do even better at improving the campus that we all share. I am delighted and grateful for many students placing trust in me and giving me the honor to serve as the ASG President in 2016-2017 academic year. Words cannot express how honor and excited I am about this reasonability and opportunity.

Being a student leader and part of our school, I have to always remind myself “Students First”, “Solutions but not excuses”, and “Listen More”. We are invested in looking for ways to even the odds to help all people have a chance to be successful and engaged.   

I wish my presidency can carry with it hope, faith, truth, and harmony in all of my work and service with you here at Shoreline. I am looking forward to having more conversations around the campus about our work, education, and our future.

But to make Shoreline a college that works for everyone means more than fighting for the right way. Its means staying together, and together we will build a better Shoreline.    



Associated Student Government Vice President, Clarin Florentyna

Hi everybody! My name is Clarin Florentyna, and I am your Associated Student Government Vice President for this school year. I am an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia majoring in Actuarial Science and planning to transfer to a four-year university next Spring.

I served as a Student Representative in the 2015-2016 school year, and I am honored to be back to serve my term here in the ASG.

As Vice President, I will serve as a representative and advocate for student interests on behalf of the ASG. I’m also responsible for effective communication and connection between members of ASG, faculty, staff, and the administration of the Student Life. I am currently serving as a member in the SCOF, Safety Committee, and also the ASG Newsletter.  

My main objective is to unite SCC as a whole; to connect students and faculty members in a “family” manner. I want us all on-campus organizations to be closer and create better events and projects that will benefit us all. Besides that, I want all of your voices to be heard as I value each and everyone’s input.

In my leisure time, I enjoy watching TV and hanging out with my friends. I also love meeting new people so please do feel free to drop by  the office and say hi if you see me!

You can also contact me through my e-mail,



Associated Student Government Communications Officer, Felix Were



Associated Student Government Club Affairs Officer, Ed Dilimulati



Associated Student Government Sustainability Officer, Eberth Arias

My name is Eberth Arias and I'm in my second year of the Clean Energy Technology and Entrepreneurship program here at Shoreline Community College. I am the new Sustainability Officer on campus, chairing the Sustainability and Commuter Options Fee (SCOF) Committee. I would like to continue to build on the successes of the past SCOF Committees by finding new opportunities to conserve resources, improve waste management, and engage college and community stakeholders in sustainability efforts. I hope to raise awareness on campus about how everyone can get involved in sustainability and what the benefits are at the individual, campus, and global level. Before starting my degree, when I thought about sustainability, I would think about something like recycling. Now I understand that sustainability takes into account the environment and its resources, the social impact on communities, and how financial resources are used. I would like for all of us to embrace sustainability as an agent of change to create a more hopeful future. On a personal note, I very much enjoy social dancing, reading, cooking, and trying out new foods. I enjoy using public transportation and if weather permits, sometimes I bike to school. I encourage you to contact me with ideas about improving sustainability on campus at


Associated Student Government Social Justice Officer, April Bui

Hello everyone! My name is April Bui and I am honored to serve as your Social Justice Officer for the 2016-2017 school year. I am currently majoring in Biochemistry and I plan to transfer to a four-year university to continue my studies in Biochemistry. I was born in San Jose, California and moved to Washington state when I was four, and I have lived in Seattle ever since. My goal for this year is to let students know that they have a voice, a voice that can make an impact. I want students to know that they should never be afraid to use their voice, whether it is challenging an injustice or valuing diversity.

As your Social Justice Officer, I want you to know that I will always be there to listen and to help, or if you ever need a shoulder to lean on when times are stressful I will always be ready to be there for you. I am excited to be able to meet and work with you all, and I am looking forward to a great year!

Besides being a student and a member of the Student Government here at Shoreline, I enjoy spending time with my dog, riding my bike on the Burke Gilman Trail, and dragon boat racing in Lake Union. I also enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people.



Associated Student Government Budget and Finance Officer, Katya Maslova   

Hi everyone! My name is Katya Maslova and I am excited to serve as your Budget and Finance Officer for the 2016-2017 school year. I will chair the student services and activities fee (S&A) committee and will be attending all strategic planning and budget committee meetings. In addition, I will be running the mini-grant process and ensuring that all funds produced from student fees are allocated correctly.

I immigrated to the United States 16 years ago and have lived in Seattle ever since. This is my third year at Shoreline Community College through the Career Education Options (CEO) program, which provides support with tuition, books and advising to students who have not completed high school. I am majoring in business and hoping to transfer to the University of Washington next fall. I also work for Fossil, a leather goods company and work for a family, driving their two kids to school in the mornings. Outside of school and work, I really enjoy cinematography, video editing, going on runs and everything about the fashion/beauty industry.

I’m excited to see what this year has to offer!

I love meeting new people so feel free to come up to me and say hi or e-mail at


Associated Student Government Governmental Affairs Officer, Juan Chavez

Greetings, my name is Juan Manuel Chavez Huerta. I am currently working on my Associates in Business. I’m conflicted between pursuing a degree in business or law. They both grasp my attention for various reasons. I have always had a passion for business and a strong sense of justice to boot. Those don’t really go together for obvious reasons. I’ve learned we will most likely change majors at least once in our academic careers. One day we may be exposed to the unknown and find ourselves lost in this new major. Having been bestowed with the title of Officer of Governmental Affairs, I plan to be active on campus year round. It is my job to make sure students vote on campus, in their respective communities and participate in the federal elections. Going out of my way to make sure students have the resources available to do just that. While reminding them that their vote matters. Remind my fellow students they have a voice and that voice can be heard. I am in charge of the elections and hiring process for Student Government. I will be part of multiple committees on campus, including the Policy and Procedure Committee. Making sure we, the Associated Student Government Officers fulfill our duties. My schedule is pretty busy, balancing life, work, school, personal matters and of course Student Government matters. Don’t let that discourage you, I will always make time for students. If you ever want to talk about suggestions, ideas or maybe have a question, regardless if they correlate with Governmental Affairs, don’t hesitate to send me an email or stop by the SLC. I’m here to be the voice for those who don’t have one or are overlooked. Don’t forget, nothing ventured nothing gained. You set limits on what you can or can’t do.




Associated Student Government Policy and Procedure Officer, Mario Baldwin-McCurdy 

My name is Mario Baldwin-McCurdy and it is an honor for me to be the ASG Policy and Procedure Officer for 2016-2017 academic year. My responsibilities as an officer include revising and interpreting the By-laws and Constitution as well as a resource for clubs who are struggling to create their RSO Constitution. This year, I aim to include more student voice in the process of By-laws and Constitution revision. With the help of the Policy and Procedure committee members, we have created a Constitution and By-laws Recommendation Form, in which all students are welcomed to fill out when they have ideas to revise the current 2016-2017 Constitution or By-laws. For further questions and assistance please contact me at

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