The Services and Activities Fee Committee proposes and the Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees approves programs and corresponding budget levels for College organizations funded by Services and Activities (S&A) Fees. These fees are collected from students at registration and are allocated to clubs and programs. As a student officer, student organization advisor, program director, or budget authority, you are responsible for spending the money in an acceptable and appropriate manner, following State of Washington and Shoreline Community College guidelines.

The principal purpose of the committee is to act as a fiduciary over the expense and revenue of the student Services and Activities Fee (S&A). Stewardship includes ensuring lawful agreements and other contractual obligations such as the By-Laws of the Associated Student Government (ASG), Killian Outline and the Revised Codes of Washington (RCW) have been pledged and are properly enforced. The S&A fee is paid by students for the express intent of funding bona fide student-run services, clubs and programs that enhances the overall college experience. Money generated from the Services and Activities fee is based off of the number of credits registered as well as enrollment status.

  • Establish guidelines that stipulate policies and procedures for budgeting and expending fee revenue
  • Conduct an annual budget allocation process beginning fall quarter. This includes evaluating program priorities and budget levels; then, submitting allocation recommendations for the expenditure of funds derived from SS&A fees with supporting documents presented to the Board of Trustees for final review.
  • Determine a recommended level for the base-line budget of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)
  • Ensure that boardroom decisions incorporate the principles of the Triple Bottom Line: social equity, economic viability and ecological integrity
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of expenses, revenue and current balances for the SS&A fee and contingency account
  • Promote transparency by publishing financial and budgetary documents on the ASG website and other mediums where students have easy access to view how their money is being spent and managed
  • Engage in continuous training so that all members are up to par with current agenda and procedures
  • Develop an end of the year audit to identify areas of improvement, implement proper changes and mitigate discrepancies 


Members Role  Representing
Katya Maslova Chair Associated Student Government as the Budget and Finance Officer
Ann Martin-Cummins Classified Staff (Advisor)  Budget and Capital (non-voter)
Rezina Habtemariam Administrator Director of Student Life
Winston Lee Student Board Member Associated Student Government as the Student President
Ed Dilimulati Student Board Member Associated Student Government as the Club Affairs Officer
April Bui Student Board Member Associated Student Government as the Social Justice Officer
David Starr  Faculty Member  Faculty Member (non-voter)
To Be Determined  Student Representative  Associated Student Government as the Student Representative

Behavioral Working Agreements

1. Members act collegially, collaboratively and are free to ask for help.

2.Members are free to express their feelings and are sensitive to the feelings of others. They will be frank and courteous.

3. Members are open to creative ideas and will provide helpful suggestions as a valuable part of the collaborative process.

4. Members should arrive on time, fully prepared to participate in the meeting.

5. Members will advance and support decisions made by the group.

6. Meetings will end on time; additional time spent on agenda items will be by mutual agreement.

7. Members will notify chair of absence.

8. Members will operate in the interests of SS&A as a whole, not just from one’s own role.

9. Those who attend the committee meetings, but are not members are there only to observe and not actively participate, unless the attendee is scheduled on the agenda as a presenter or during the brief open comments portion of the meeting. Comments are welcome, but limited to 2 minutes per speaker to ensure timely meeting.

Programs funded by the SS&A fees:

1. Art Gallery
2. Athletics
3. Choral Ensembles
5. Ebbtide
6. Instrumental Music
7. Intramurals
8. Multicultural Center
9. Opera & Musical Theatre
10. Parent & Child Center
11. Phi Theta Kappa
12. Plays, Video & Film
13. Spindrift
14. Theater
15. Transfer Student Tutoring
16. Women’s Center

2014-2015 SS&A Documents

Title Download
Budget Proposal Presentation .pptx
Budget Proposal for ASG Board Meeting PDF
Budget Scenario .xlsx
Killian Outline PDF

2013-2014 SS&A Documents

Title Download
2014-2015 Budget Proposal Presentation .pptx
2014-2015 Budget Proposal .docx
2014-2015 Budget Application .docx
Arts & Entertainment Board .docx and .xlsx
SBA Executive Budget .docx and .xlsx
SLC Training .docx and .xlsx
Student Leadership Training .docx and .xlsx
All Athletic .xlsx
Athletic Scholarships .docx
Men's Athletic Administration .docx
Men's Basketball .docx
Men's Baseball .docx
Men's Soccer .docx
Women's Athletic Administration .docx
Women's Basketball .docx
Women's Softball .docx
Women's Soccer .docx
Women's Volleyball .docx
Intramural and Recreation .docx
College Art Gallery .docx
Choral Groups .docx
Concert Band PDF and .docx
DECA .docx
Ebbtide .docx
Instrumental Music .docx
Opera Musical .docx
Parent-Child Center .docx
Phi Theta Kappa .docx
SCCERT .docx and .xlsx
Spindrift .docx
Theater and Film .docx1 and .docx2
Theater Tech .docx
Transfer Student Tutor .docx and .xlsx

2012-2013 SS&A Documents

Title Download
2013-2014 Budget Proposal .docx


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