2014-2015 Candidates for Election

Candidates for President

Candidate7_webAshley Cowan


Several years ago I was President of my High School Knowledge Bowl and Debate Team. After leaving for health reasons I became involved in the CEO program at SCC and here I have been able to find many leadership opportunities. Myself, along with two other student representatives are currently working as leaders for the online community by still continuing our goal to have access to Canvas for distribution of student surveys, not only for efficiency, but to give access and gain input from the online community. I have had the opportunity to begin leading both Earth Week through the club WP&DSS and through my current position as a Student Representative, I am coordinating a plan for an SCC team for the Shoreline/North Seattle Relay for Life.


Hardworking, Responsible, Leadership and Transparent.

 Candidate3_webPutu Henry Wiranata


For me I consider myself as a calm person and I can handle things calmly. I am also an organized person; it means I can carefully organize my job and complete it. I can also control things and work well with my co-workers to be able to reach our goals. Lastly, as a leader I also have to have a self-confidence and a positive attitude, so I can be able to work well and do my job greatly since I always do my job in a positive attitude.


I Frequently participate in volunteer in my High school as well as in SCC. Such as, Taking part in University fair volunteer, volunteering in talent show, organizing a blood donor program in my High school, and Organizing a Basketball and soccer competition in my High school. I also take part in beach cleaning program and organizing a school carnival in my high school. I also tried to live with people in countryside and doing their daily life for IB CAS project. I am also a part of a student council in my high school. Lastly I also have training in speech in Communication class taken at shoreline community college.

 Josh Aamodt Candidate5_web

I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the Student Advocate for the past school year. This leadership position has given me the chance to connect with my school and develop a sense of responsibility and belonging to the Shoreline community. Even though having intertwined identities as a student and student leader can be challenging, I appreciate every rewarding moment that this position has given me. My reapplication serves to give back to the College, provide continuity in the Parliament transition, and continue the ongoing enrichment that being a student leader has provided me with.
Reflective – Looking back and learning from past experiences, both good and bad.
Organized – I can put things together and keep things on track.
Multicultural awareness – Understanding of power and privilege.
Charismatic – Engaging communicator.



Candidates for Minister of Communication


Riadiani Marcelita


My main task was to help the school host events and activities. In doing so, I first had to divide members of the student body into different sections, such as the event planner, documentary, and decoration sections. I had to coordinate with and supervise all of the sections throughout the preparations. This meant that I had to work with my fellow students, all of them with their own thoughts, opinions, and perspectives. Sometimes I came upon problems such as disagreements between sections on how to complete a certain task. Additionally, I had to work alongside my teachers and principal in managing the events. Sometimes the student body’s work differs from the teachers’ expectations, and these cause more problems to fix.

Throughout my years of leadership, I helped the school host several events, such as the annual school bazaar, Earth week celebrations, and Kartini Day, a national celebration day in my country. All of these events were held successfully, and these result in my increasing confidence as a leader.

Being the president of my student body was an experience that brought me many advantages. It had played a major role in shaping my confidence as a leader, and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.


I believe that I am a sociable person. It comes natural to me to approach and engage people in conversations. I am not afraid to talk to others, regardless of their age or nationality. This quality will be useful if I wish to become Minister of Communications, since I would have to connect and socialize with students on a daily basis.

I am also an excellent time manager. Based on my experience in my last two quarters at SCC, I could divide my time between studying, work, and socialization well. I fulfill my job requirements, socialize with my friends, and maintain a high GPA at the same time.

Additionally, I can maintain good relationships with people. I am still in contact with friends from primary school through high school. I have friends in several states in the US that I still talk to via e-mail and social media. I believe that becoming MOC would require me to keep in touch with and have good relationships with students and other members of the campus. This ability will give me an advantage if I am chosen for this position.

Last, I am a determined student. Whenever there is something I do not know, I am never ashamed to admit it. I would ask questions and look for help from my friends, teachers, family, or anyone capable of helping me solve my problems. I would always find a way, and I would not stop until I could solve my problems.


Tung Him Tobey Lu


In school, I used to be the captain of the Art Club, the Minister of the Department of Fine Arts and chairman of classes. In church, I have been a Master of Ceremonies and team leaders.


I am confident in my communication skills.

I am responsible loyal and hard working everywhere I go.

I have talent in Art. I won the first place of Youth Artist of Kenmore.

I like interacting and helping people. Serving other people and seeing them happy motivates me to work hard and all the hard work would be worth it!


 Candidate1_webLiangqiu Wan


1. At Shoreline Community College:

Global Showcase: At 21st of Feburary, I was responsible for one of the Chinese table in Global Showcase to present Chinese culture. I chose a specific topic which is Chinese Beauties. I lead my partners to collect and print different beauty images and thus put them in the album. Also, with the inspiration of my group members, I use the projector to show different beauties from diverse ethnic group in China, which amazes lots of people.

2. In Host Family:

When I lived in the host family, every night I lead other students who live in my host family to clean kitchen and bathroom. I made a schedule so that they would not foget their jobs and responsibilities to keep the house nice and clean.

3. Back to High School:

I was the president of International Department at Changzhou 1st High School. I have successfully organized a lot of activities and events such as debate. I could divide work and tasks to different ministers clearly so that they can get their work done quickly and efficiently. I also focused on their interaction and connection between different ministers, as well as between ministers and their group members.


I am very organized. I always plan and record my daily events in the agenda and try my best to finish them, which increasingly boosts the efficiency and helps me to find the balance between academic work and volunteer activities.

I am a good listener. I am very patient and can listen attentively to others. Also, I am empathetic. I am used to understanding others’ feelings and thoughts from their points of views. As a result, I can better focus on their problems and issues.

I am talkative. I am adept at alleviating others’ stress by giving supporting words. Besides, I would give suggestions based on academic knowledge.

I am conscientious. I would take responsibility of my jobs, roles and tasks.

 Candidate2_webMaarten Savino


I have been chosen as a class leader in my junior high school for 3 years, and high school for 2 years. From the past 5 years I had learned a lot what it felt like to lead and represent 32 voices all at once. To solve the problem that happen often inside and outside class, to behave and responsible with the duties as I was the figure of the class. But in those 5 years I was happy because the teacher had trusted me to lead the class and my teacher know that I was capable of such duty, I was honored and glad to have such experience like that. However, I want more. My desire is not just to represent a 32 people at once; my dream is to represent a thousand people from different countries and cities at once. With this opportunity, I can prove myself that I am not just a small leader from high school, I want to excel and prove that I can success even with managing a whole college by being a minister in the Student Body Association.



The qualities that I have and I think are well suited for this job is flexible. I am a flexible person who is willing to respond to any feedback from everyone without being offended, at my age, I have made mistakes, but with the feedback, I learn from that and grow. Another quality I had is low-tempered. I never get angry at someone easily, I can solve any problem with a calm mind and so I’m not going to create a tension between others at the Parliament. The third quality that I possess is friendly, I’m well adapted to new environment and I can be a good friend to everyone who is willing to be friends with me, so I think I will work well with other minister at the parliament and other students who is from other countries. The final one, focus. I do my job seriously until it finishes well, like this writing, I put my heart to it and I set aside my time from other things that can be distracting so I will not be distracted and can execute my task well. A Minister of Communication had to communicate with other minister and keep informed, they also have to publicize. With the qualities that I have, I’m sure I can do this part with a flying color.