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We have dozens of amazing clubs at SCC that all focus on different topics and host awesome activities and events for students. Joining a club is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and gain leadership experience--and it's fun! Check out our "Active Clubs" page for a full list of clubs and contact information. Don't see a club for a topic you're interested in? Check out the "Start/Renew A Club" page to learn more about how you can start a brand new club!



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Why Get Involved?

Student organizations are a network of support for students’ academic and personal success. Students who establish connections with other campus community members are more likely to persist and succeed.

Steps to Start and Reactivating Recognized Student Organization

  1. Contact the ASG Recognize Student Organization  in the Student Leadership Center at
  2. Determine the RSO Representative (as student contact).
  3. Receive the registration forms (RSO List of Members and RSO Terms of Agreement). Proceed to identify 10 students (for starting an RSO) or 5 students (for reactivating an RSO) and a faculty or staff member to be the RSO’s advisor.
  4. Once the forms are filled, contact MOCA and receive the RSO Constitution Template via email and send back the filled template to MOCA.
  5. Contact the Minister of Finance (MOF) to receive the baseline budget and advisor stipend.
  6. Be present at a parliament meeting to present the RSO’s purpose for approval (not required if students are reactivating RSO).

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