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A major undertaking for the VCT Club is our annual Shoreline Portfolio Show. In June of 2014, the VCT Club planned and executed the first annual Shoreline Portfolio Show, which showcased student design work at the A/NT Gallery in Belltown. Industry professionals, high school teachers, friends and family were invited to come and mingle at the event.

The 2015 Shoreline Portfolio Show took place at Melrose Market Studios on Capitol Hill. Club members selected the venue, designed program collateral pieces, such as posters, the invitation, decorations, website and program. With invaluable assistance from the Student Leadership Center's Arts and Entertainment staff, the f-stop Photography Club and Film/Video department the club was able to put on another successful show.

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For students in the Visual Arts at Shoreline, the VCT Club is where they can complement their classroom experience with exposure to the professions they are interested in exploring, such as game development, graphic design, animation, 3D modeling, web design and video. Activities may include portfolio preparation, boutique software or Adobe software workshops, job resources and networking, and bringing in industry specialists and professional designers for speaking engagements. Check out Shoreline Community College's Echo site for more information and to sign up to become a member.  



Meeting Place and Times 

Club Meeting Time 3:30  
Club Meeting Place VCT building in room 2009  


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Club Contact Information Angelina Camacho - Club President  

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