Constitution is an expression of our willingness to unite and take responsibility for our education and to ensure that students’ voices play a major role in the decisions that affect us. We recognize the certain statutes of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Revised Code of Washington (RCW), and the bylaws and policies of the Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees that govern the administration of Shoreline Community College and delegate responsibility and authority in the area of student affairs. This Constitution is here to affirm an active role in assuring that every student shall have access to a fair and quality education by promoting a culture of humanity, compassion, and mutual respect, and this Constitution shall be enforced with a mind to uphold the principles of equality, understanding, and the advancement of knowledge for all students.


By Laws

The purpose of the By-laws is to set forth guidelines for the implementation of legislative action taken by the Student Government on behalf of the students. Execution of, and amendments to, these By-laws shall be done in the spirit of the Preamble to the Shoreline Community College Student Body Association Constitution. The By-laws of the Constitution shall be the lawful means by which the provisions of this Constitution shall be implemented. These By-laws may establish separate procedures and protocols subordinate to the Association Constitution and Bylaws. The By-laws shall not be construed to override the authority of this Constitution, College Policy, or any federal, state or local laws.


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