We have worked to compile and organize all of the forms that your club/program may need when planning events and activities throughout the year. We hope that this will help simplify the event planning process. Note that almost all events require forms to be turned in at least two weeks in advance, so be sure to allow time for planning and paperwork.

If you have any questions about what forms are needed for an event/activity or how to complete them please contact Micaela Smith, Program Support Supervisor, at

If you're trying to start or renew a club, visit our "Starting A Club" page.

For mini-grant information, visit our "Applying for Mini-Grants" page. 

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Fall Quarterly Reports


This section includes documents and materials intended to help you understand what forms are required for the events you're planning. The checklist should be the first thing you look at when you start thinking about a potential event or purchase because it includes important information about the deadlines for forms you may need.

Club Handbook Comprehensive guide of club policies and paperwork. Appendix also includes the Killian Outline and CAS Learning Outcomes. 
United Club Council Training Presentation PowerPoint training from the United Club Council Fall Kick-Off event. 
Club Advisor General Training PowerPoint with important information for all advisors and basic explanations of club paperwork.
Event Planning Checklist   Use and edit this checklist to determine what forms are needed for events your club is planning.
Club Advisor Information and Expectations Explains club advisor levels, advisor stipends, etc. 
Important Event Planning Info and Tips Important tips to keep in mind when planning events.
MLR Instructions-Before & After Event Instructions for supporting documents to include with MLRs (forms for food) both before and after events.
Fundraising and Travel Paperwork Training PowerPoint with important information about fundraising and travel policies and paperwork.
Ordering Tutorial PowerPoint-Lancer-updated A PowerPoint Tutorial that explains how to order food from Lancer (SCC's caterer) online.


This paperwork is required for all revenue-generating/fundraising activities. This includes fundraising for your club's budget and fundraising for a non-profit organization. If your club or program is planning on fundraising please contact the Student Leadership Center as soon as possible to ensure your fundraising plans are allowable and that you have all required paperwork.

Revenue Generating Event - Proposal Proposal for fundraising activity, must be completed and approved before fundraising begins.
Revenue Generating Event - Cash-handling Must be turned in with proposal. Includes plan for how cash/funds will be managed during fundraising.
Revenue Generating Event - Final Report Must be turned in after fundraiser.


These are the most common forms that you'll need for club events and purchases (listed in alphabetical order).

Credit Card Purchase Authorization Required in order to check out a college credit card to make purchases. Only advisors can check out the credit cards.
Event Sign-in Sheet Should be used for all events that serve food and be turned into the SLC after the event.
Facilities Set-Up Request Use to request for facilities to set up a room in a specific way for your event or club meeting.
Invoice Payment Voucher Required when purchasing through Lancer catering and when paying with a check.
MLR (Meals & Light Refreshments) Form Required whenever you want to provide food. See planning checklist for required supporting documents.
Non-Employee Agreement for Services (Contract) Required when paying an outside individual or company for services. Examples: guest presenters/ facilitators; food trucks, and any other times when a restaurant/caterer brings people to serve food. 
Room Request Advisors can use this form to request rooms for meetings/events and tables for PUB lobby tabling.


This paperwork may be required for daytime and overnight travel activities. If your club or program is planning on traveling, please contact the Student Leadership Center as soon as possible to ensure your travel plans are allowable and that you have all required paperwork.

Travel Expense Voucher Submitted after travel: used to request reimbursement for mileage, per diem, etc.
Travel Requisition Required for overnight travel and for requesting a cash advance. Must be turned in two weeks prior to travel. 

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