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 About Associated Student Government (ASG) Positions

The Associated Student Government (ASG) Board is composed of ten paid representatives, the Student President is elected and the other nine are selected through a hiring process. Each have specific responsibilities, outlined in the ASG By-Laws. The ASG Board manages the budgets for three student fees: the Student Services and Activities (SS&A fee); the Sustainability and Commuter Options Fee (SCOF); and the Student Technology Fee (STF). The ASG Board also provides recognition and funding for student clubs and programs, and serves as a forum for student issues and concerns. Members of the ASG Board also have individual projects and serve on campus-wide committees.

Members of the ASG Board will be elected and hired over the course of Spring Quarter 2017. The elected and hired students will serve as ASG members from July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018, they will work up to 17 hours per week and be paid $11.11 per hour. All ASG members are required to attend a Legacy Retreat during spring quarter and to participate in mandatory training sessions throughout summer quarter. 


Information for Applicants

Use the online applications (linked below) to apply. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Sunday March 26, 2017. 

Students may apply for a maximum of one elected position and/or a maximum of two hired positions. To view detailed job descriptions, take a look at the ASG By-Laws.

All applicants must attach an up to date resume. Candidates for President must also submit a complete "Petition of Support for Candidate" form with 50 student signatures as part of their application.


ASG President (Elected Position)

The ASG President is selected through a campus-wide election. Candidates must receive 50 student signatures on a "Petition of Support" to be eligible. All eligible candidates will attend an information session at the start of Spring quarter.

Hired Positions

Use these applications to apply for hired positions. These positions are selected through a hiring process, which will be conducted immediately after elections. A hiring committee will review applications and interview candidates.

ASG President: Represents the student body at campus events and acts as administrative and campus liason to ASG. Chairs ASG board meetings and works to collaborate with other campus constituencies.

Petition of Support for Candidate: Candidates for elected positions must use this form to collect 50 student signatures of support. This must be completed before the application deadline and scanned and attached to online application. Students do not need to make any commitments about voting to sign this form, they are just agreeing that the candidate(s) should be able to participate in the elections, so any students can be asked to sign. It is also fine for the same students to sign petitions for multiple candidates. 

Budget and Finance Officer: Chairs the student Services and Activities (S&A) Committee and facilitates the mini-grant process for clubs. Responsible for overall budgetary responsibilities.

ASG Club Affairs Officer: Manages the United Club Council with the Program Support Supervisor and maintains relationships between ASG and student clubs. Also actively assists students with club creation/renewals and respective projects. 

Communication Officer: Promotes the ASG and campus events through social media and other channels; also in charge of maintaining open communication with students. Serves as spokesperson for the ASG. 


Governmental Affairs Officer: Promotes civic engagement at various levels by leading voter registration drives and events. Chairs ASG Hiring and Election committees. Liaises with other local college student governments. 

Policy and Procedure Officer: Leads the Policy & Procedure workgroup. Reviews the organizational bylaws and its respective functions as well as monitors ASG actions to ensure accordance with the bylaws. 


Social Justice Officer: Will provide educational workshops with an emphasis on equity and social justice to all students. Encourages students to engage in volunteer opportunities promoted by the ASG. 


Sustainability Officer: Chairs the Sustainability and Commuter Options Fee (SCOF) committee as well as promotes campus and community sustainability.

Technological Affairs Officer: Chairs the Technology Review Committee (TRC) and ensures all campus technology is kept up to date. Maintains the Student Life website and club webpages. 

Vice President: Oversees internal functions of the ASG, student representatives, and all student-run committees. Ensures the vision of the ASG is consistent and the group is working effectively to pursue that vision.













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