Kung Fu Students Organization

Welcome to SCC Kung Fu Students Organization

Sharing the Love for Kungfu
Connecting students
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A litle more about us

Our Purpose

SCC Kung Fu Students Organization is a kind of muscle fighting club. All the members will study with Stephen Elaimy Wing Chun, which is a kind of fight style. It was created by Chinese people and flourished by Bruce Lee.  

Meeting Place and Times 

3012 (under the gym)  

Friday 1:30 to 3:30  

For more Informations

Club Contact Information Bruce Ji: President (jia.ji@go.shoreline.edu)
Jenny Lee: Vice President (seulhui.lee@go.shoreline.edu)
Oliva Shi: President (yihan.shi@go.shoreline.edu)
Josh Murpuy: information officer (josh.murpuy@go.shoreline.edu)
Tom Hu: information officer (zesen.hu@go.shoreline.edu)  
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