About SS&A Mini-Grants

SS&A Mini-Grant is a part of Student Services and Activities fee. The purpose of Mini-Grant is intended to provide supplemental financial support to Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), student programs on SCC campus, or any group of students to host or participate in activities, programs, and special events that enhance student-learning outcomes.

To receive a Mini-Grant funding, RSOs and Programs are required to complete the Mini-Grant request process and approve by student parliaments during the parliament meeting. To request for Mini-grant funding, a representative from RSO and program must complete an online application at least 1 week before the parliament meeting. Once the forms are submitted, Minister of Finance will review the application then make a decision and place on the agenda for Parliament meeting for consideration. After final approval by the Parliament, notification of the decision will be sent to the main student contact and advisor.

After the project is complete, the remains Mini-Grant fund will be return back to Student Government for future used purposes.

Mini-Grant Application Process Summary

Step 1: Download and Complete Application Form

You must complete Mini-Grant Request form in order for the parliament to process your request. The application includes questions regarding contact information, project purposes, student learning outcome, success criteria, and project timeline.

Step 2: Submit your Application

Send your completed application form to SBA Minister of Finance ( through email. It is optional to submit any other documents along with application form such as budget report, previous projects report, pictures, etc.

Step 3: Review Process

Once you’ve submitted your Mini-Grant Application form to Minister of Finance, you will receive a confirmation that the Parliament has received it. Your Mini-Grant requests will be reviewed and you will receive a decision regarding the next process within 1-2 business days. Minister of Finance will inform this in the parliament meeting.

Parliament Meeting Schedule
Parliament meets in Room 9208 (PUB) from 3:00-5:00PM on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.