Date Valid Document Name
2014-2015 SBA Bylaws (Current)
2013-2014 Constitution 2013-2014 (Approved)
2013-2014 Constitution and By-Laws 2013-2014
2012-2013 Constitution and By-Laws 2012-2013
2011-2012 Constitution and By-Laws 2011-2012
2010-2011 Constitution and By-Laws 2010-2011
2009-2010 Constitution and By-Laws 2009-2010

Student Leadership Center

Date Valid Document Name
2013-2014 Advisor Roles and Responsibilities
2013-2014 Club Member List
2013-2014 Event Sign In Sheet
2013-2014 List of Student Travelers
2013-2014 Planning Event Checklist
2013-2014 Planning Per Diem Calculation
2013-2014 Planning Purchasing Goods
2013-2014 Planning Purchasing Goods
2013-2014 Planning Sheet – Over 12 Hours
2013-2014 Planning Sheet – Under 12 Hours
2013-2014 Preapproval for Purchasing
2013-2014 Revenue Generating Event – Proposal
2013-2014 Revenue Generating Event – Final Report
2013-2014 Student Driver Contract
2013-2014 Student Travel Consent
2013-2014 Verification of Ticket Disbursement
2013-2014 Verification of Travel Advance Disbursement
2013-2014 Waiver of Responsibility
2000-2011 Staffing History

SS&A Committee

Date Valid Document Name
N/A SCOF Outcome
2013-2014 Killian Outline
2014-2015 Budget Spreadsheet
2014-2015 Program Budget Application 2014-15
2014-2015 Supervisor Resources

CAS Standards and Resources

Date Valid Document Name
N/A Appendice/Glossary
N/A Learning and Developmental Outcomes
N/A Role of CAS General Standards
N/A Role of Campus Activities
N/A Role of College Unions
N/A Role of Multicultural Student Programs and Services
N/A Role of Recreational Sports
N/A Role of Service Learning
N/A Role of Student Leadership
N/A Role of Women’s Student Programs and Services
N/A Prologue
N/A Writing Learning Outcomes Part 1 and Part 2

Board of Publications

Date Valid Document Name
1994 Policy