Starting A Club

Why Get Involved?

Clubs are a great network of support for students’ academic and personal success. Participating in clubs and events is a fun way to get connected to the campus, make new friends, and gain leadership experience.

Steps for Starting A New Club:

1) Determine what the purpose of the new club will be and check the list of existing clubs to make sure that the school doesn’t already have a club for this purpose.

2) Determine who will serve as the Club Representative, this will be a student contact and leader for the club.

3) Find an SCC employee who is willing to serve as the club’s advisor.

  • Determine the Advisor Level (see “Levels of Club Advisor Responsibilities” in packet).
  • Stipends: Please note that the stipends listed on the Advisor Level Spreadsheet only apply to faculty advisors (see pg. 7-8).

4) Fill out the 2017-2018 Starting a Club Packet, which includes a Constitution template, Club List of Members, and Club Advisor Terms of Agreement. Keep in mind that a minimum of 10 student members is required to start a new club.

5) Submit an electronic copy of the packet to the Club Affairs Officer at

6) Schedule a meeting with the Club Affairs Officer and Program Support Supervisor (Micaela Smith) to discuss your plans for the club.

7) All new clubs are approved by a student government vote at an ASG Board Meeting. The Club Affairs Officer will put your club’s approval on the agenda for an upcoming meeting. Be sure to send at least one representative of your club to this meeting to present about your club’s purpose and answer questions. Keep in mind that the ASG Board only meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, so it may take up to two weeks to be approved.

8) Once the new club is approved, carefully review this handbook for important information about policies, procedures, and deadlines. Contact the Program Support Supervisor to schedule training meetings as soon as possible for advisor and club leaders.

For more information contact Club Affairs Officer at or Program Support Supervisor, Micaela Smith, at


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