Student Concerns


If you are a student who feels like they have received unfair treatment in grading, financial aid, or any other services provided by the college, you may submit a Student Concerns form to request the guidance and assistance of the ASG Social Justice Officer. The Social Justice Officer has knowledge of the College as an organization, including policies, procedures, and key contacts. After submitting a Student Concerns form, he/she will contact you to discuss options available for the resolution of your concern. Options may include campus resources or meetings coordinated between Student Government, faculty, and College officials.

Student Concern Application Steps

Step 1: Download and complete the Student Concern form (.docx or PDF).

Step 2: Using your email, submit the completed form to the ASG Social Justice Officer at

Step 3: Review Process

The ASG Social Justice Officer will review your form and contact you via email to discuss possible resolutions, set up a meeting, or connect you to other campus resources. The procedure to handle concerns is outlined in the Student Policy 5035.

Student Leadership Contact:
ASG Social Justice Officer: Emily Stensland

206.546.4654 |
PUB 9301


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