The Technology Review Committee (TRC) has been established to investigate, advise, and make recommendations to the Associated Student Government (ASG) on all issues involving technology for student use. The recommendations address the need to provide the students of Shoreline Community College (SCC) with the necessary technological resources that are current with today’s demands for technical knowledge with the best interest of the students in mind. Members of the TRC will work together during TRC meetings to merge the viewpoints of students and staff to advocate for and implement technological resources in order to enhance student learning experiences at Shoreline Community College. 

For more information contact ASG Technological Affairs Officer at

Upcoming Meetings

Date Location Time
April, 27 2017 PUB 9202 2:30-4:00 PM
June, 8 2017 PUB 9202 2:30-4:00 PM

The TRC consists of the following members:

- ASG Technological Affairs Officer
- ASG Vice-President
- ASG Communication Officer
- Two Administrators
- One TSS Staff
- One Faculty Advisor
- One or two appointed Student Representatives

Current Members

Member Role Representing
TBD Chair Student Leadership – Technological Affair Officer
Gary Kalbfleisch Member Director - Technology Support Services
Ellen Gottas Member Program Specialist - Technology Support Services
Randy Gottfried Member Director - Instruct Media
  Member Student Leadership- Communications Officer
Clarin Florentyna Member Student Leadership- Vice President
Chun-Chiao Yang Member Student Representative
Jordan Lee Member Faculty Advisor - eLearning


ASG Technological Affairs Officer at

ASG Communication Officer at

ASG Vice-President at

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  • Implement technological resources in order to enhance student learning experiences at Shoreline Community College.
  • Be familiar with the long term development goals of the college to ensure that funds are being spent effectively and that they coincide with the college’s core themes and strategic action plan.
  • Review and track budget and expense reporting for the Student Technology Fee (STF) budget number.
  • Incorporate the college’s Triple Bottom Line framework when making decisions about sustainability projects at Shoreline Community College.


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